There is nothing more vulnerable than allowing others to see your true self.  Out of fear and misguided shame, some of us never let the outside world know who we truly are. It is too easy to be crushed simply by the passing comment of another person.  As we hide behind our protective walls, we become resentful and disagreeable. It is the seed of all violence.

 People who dare venture out may only allow tiny bits of themselves to show at a time.  Often, circumstances require astounding amounts of determination and support in order for someone to show an authentic side of themselves. For some, being stifled is more than they can bear.  This is where sickness and decay and violence grow like a spreading disease.  And just on the other side of that spectrum is a great release from constriction and a sense of what some would call hope.  Only when we have laid bare our inner workings, will we feel the most vulnerable, and yet actually be the most secure. 

 Artwork can be a catalyst in that most powerful of struggles:  the subject, the artist and the viewer all caught up together in an experience where they cannot separate themselves from one another. How we feel about an artwork changes with every different mood we might have, each context in which we find ourselves, each moment in our timeline. There are uncountable variables that make up how we interpret just one glance at art, like pixels on a screen or flavors on the palate. All the possible viewpoints that we could look through can effect us subliminally, like unknown dimensions within our consciousness.  Viewing art through the many lenses of your personal experience is like entering a waking dream state. Come join me on that journey, sometimes explosively bright, sometimes raw, dark and dangerous. Who will you allow yourself to be? What will you hide away?